"Chase the Lion" - Day 7

“Your Destiny Unfolds”
“Before I formed you in the womb.” This phrase should fill you with a sense of destiny. It’s your spiritual birthright. God has ordained your days, ordered your footsteps, and prepared good works in advance. And he did it before you were even conceived.
The irony of destiny is that it’s rarely discerned at the time. Sometimes it’s not even revealed until after we die. David may have reigned over a kingdom of millions, but his psalms have inspired billions. That is David’s longest legacy, whether he knew it at the time or not. And I’m guessing not. Your greatest influence might be posthumous. It’s one more way God gets the last laugh and gets the glory!
Your greatest influence might be the children or church or charitable trust that outlive you. For the record, this is one reason why I write. Books are time capsules. I write because I want my great-great-grandchildren to know what I lived for, what I was willing to die for. And if others want to read my books while I’m living, all the better. But I write for the third and fourth generations.
Just because something isn’t part of your life plan doesn’t mean it’s not a part of your destiny. Without me even knowing it, God has been fulfilling his call on my life. My job is to obey God with a keyboard, with a pulpit. God takes it from there. And the same is true for you. God is working his plan whether you know it or not. And God will get all the glory!
God is working his good, pleasing, and perfect plan for your life in a thousand ways you aren’t even aware of. Everything in your past is preparation for something in your future. God wastes nothing. Even when you have a setback, God has already prepared your comeback. The God who works all things together for good will leverage every experience, every skill, every mistake, and every bit of knowledge you have acquired.
Your destiny predates you. Before you were even conceived, God had a script for your life. And he is in the process of fulfilling it today.
Where is God taking you? How can you say yes to his plan this day?


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