"THE WAY" - Day 9

Miracles Are On The Way
This story in John is one of many examples in the Bible where the miracle someone needs happens on the way. This is important because we can be fooled into thinking that we can’t do anything until God turns up, but God is already with us and our miracle is often on the way, so we just need to keep walking. 
Just like the man in this story, the Israelites saw the Red Sea open as they moved, manna from heaven as they wandered, the Jordan River open as they stepped in. Miracles happen along the way, when we’re in motion, acting on what God has said. 
If God wants us to walk with him, then we need to walk and he’ll provide what we need along the way. And if God has promised a miracle, we can walk with the Word and see it happen on the way.
What is something miraculous that you need that the Bible promises, that you can choose to believe to see happen along the way? 


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