"THE WAY" - Day 8

There Are No Shortcuts
It’s tempting on any journey to look for shortcuts along the way, but the problem with shortcuts is they’re often not as helpful as we’d hoped. 
It seems good in the moment to skip certain obstacles or hurry through certain parts of the journey, but if we could see the path from God’s perspective, perhaps we’d understand the importance of those “inconveniences.” 
There are lessons on the way. Israel needed to be ready to conquer the Promised Land and as a ragged bunch of runaways they were in no condition to win any battles early in their journey. Similarly, God drove their enemies out “little by little”(Exodus 23:30) once they got into Canaan, so they could grow into their calling. 
He has the promise ready for us, but he also wants us ready for the promise. It seems he’s not in a rush, and neither ought we be. 
Time on the way is a gift. 
Are there any experiences or obstacles in your life that you’ve been trying to shortcut that could be helping you grow?  


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