"THE WAY" - Day 6

Move On!
Just like at times we need to be still, there are also times when we need to move on! It is almost amusing in these verses how God says to Moses, "Why are you crying to me? Tell them to move on!" God had given Moses (and Israel) all they needed (the staff and His promise of deliverance) and now he wanted them to act! 
Sometimes we need God to fight on our behalf but there are other times when he knows we have it in us to breakthrough ourselves. It’s what any great parent or coach would do. Rather than step in and rescue every time, allow people to rise and discover that they can do it, even when it looks impossible. 
On the way, God was discipling his children and teaching them to trust him and what he had put within them.
Are there areas in your life that you just want God to “fix” but he has potentially already empowered you to move on through? 


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