"THE WAY" - Day 5

Be Still
There are times along the way when things get more than a little stressful, overwhelming, challenging, even terrifying. Sometimes this is a result of us getting in our own way, but other times it’s because we live in a fallen world and crazy stuff happens. 
These are the moments in which we want to control all the variables and outcomes, or see much further down the way than we’re currently able. But like the Israelites, when we’re in what seems like a hopeless situation—an impasse—we need to learn to be still and trust, or like the Psalmist says (Psalm 46:10), “Be still and know,” that God is with you, ahead of you and right behind you. He has your back, so you can rest. All we need to do is be still on the inside and we will be able to stand firm on the outside.
Is there a situation you’re facing at the moment that seems as though there’s no way through? Try talking to the Lord about it and allow him to still your heart. 


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