"THE WAY" - Day 4

Follow Me
Jesus called to His disciples, “Follow me” and while it sounds like a weird way to greet someone, it’s actually really helpful if you don’t know where you’re going. 
Similarly, in this story with the Israelites, God promises to go before them on the way and they need only follow Him. It’s really only when we think we know better, or we don’t trust the person leading, that we’re hesitant to follow. It takes humility and trust to follow someone. But if that Someone never takes a wrong turn, always waits for us, gives us everything we need for the journey and even carries us when we can’t do it, why would we not follow him? 
He doesn’t just know the way, he is the Way. 
What part of your week could look different if you waited and looked for God’s leading and followed him? 


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