Kristen was 16 when she set out to take action against human trafficking. Moved by the issue of modern-day slavery, she raised money with her friends to help A21 start our first safe house in Greece. She saw a need and set out to meet it. She dreamed big, dove in and reached out to others to join her. Her group of high school friends raised $32,000 to help get the aftercare home in Greece off the ground.
We saw her running and offered her an internship in Australia. Kristen said yes and was given tasks for which she had no experience, but that didn’t matter. During her internship, she was tested and grew, and proved that growth comes when we are stretched beyond our comfort zones. Soon she was asked to oversee the curriculum that we were developing for high schools. Later, at 22 years old, she was speaking in conferences to people twice her age. From accepting the baton of an internship to stepping into opportunities that seemed far too big for her to handle, Kristen learned a valuable lesson: Never stand still in the exchange zone. 
When we resist the urge to stand still in the exchange zone, God is faithful to grow us to the level where we need to go. When we accept that God decides when we are ready, we learn to trust him faithfully in a deeper way, and our faith grows immensely. 
In what area of your life is God asking you to step out of your comfort zone?


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