Before she managed the A21 safehouse in Greece, Kalli had grown up in South Africa and was abused for many years of her life. During those years, her father had been part of the mafia and trafficked women. What she was exposed to throughout her childhood and young adult life, the world as she knew it, devalued women and offered very little hope. By the time she was grown, her self-worth was diminished to the point she accepted a job as an escort to provide sex to men. 
But when her father accepted Christ, his life changed so drastically that Kalli took notice and desired that same change in her own life. Soon she invited Jesus into her life too, joined a church, and stepped into the exchange zone of serving. As she grew in Christ, she moved from one exchange zone to another, and at age 41, she was reaching out to grasp the baton through the work of A21. It wasn’t long before she was instrumental in helping survivors of trafficking experience freedom. 
God uses people like Kalli and people like us to multiply his church. When we encounter Jesus and share him with those around us, we grow his Kingdom. Do you see how the divine relay stretches forward? Are you beginning to get the picture of how big, how huge, how interconnected and unstoppable it is when we all embrace our place? Each runner’s efforts are multiplied many times over. Each handoff opens limitless possibilities for future handoffs that spin off in multiple directions carrying God’s work across the globe in ways that we could never imagine. 
Who has God put in your life to share your faith with?


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