JESUS: Our Banner of Victory Day 4

Victory Over Fear 
In our world today, bombarded with news and surrounded by what seems to be an endless flow of bad reports, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by fear. We’re afraid of the unknown, afraid of pain and loss, afraid we don’t have what it takes to succeed. But when our blameless Savior took on the cross to pay for our sin, He showed us perfect love. The power of that love defeated all the side effects of sin and darkness in the world, including fear.
1 John 4:18 tells us that “perfect love casts out fear.” Through His ultimate display of love on the cross, Jesus claimed victory over fear, and He invites us to share in that victory. He wants us to live with peace in our mind, heart, and spirit. But it’s up to us to receive and walk in the victorious power of His love. In Romans 8:38, the apostle Paul said he was convinced that nothing could separate us from the love of God. We, too, have the opportunity to be unshakeably confident in God’s love for us and abide in the peace provided by that love. If you ever have a moment where you question the extent of God’s love for you, all you have to do is look to the cross.
When fear comes knocking, you have a choice to make: Let it overtake you, or remember Jesus’ victorious act of love and choose to believe that He has won the battle for your peace. When everything seems to be going wrong in your world, stand on firm on the truth that fear has no power over you. Claim His peace, and walk forward in confidence that you are fully covered by His love!


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