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What a title to end this seven day devotional with, huh? This specific topic is something I am often pushing myself to do more often. We serve a God of promise that exists without limitation. Yet, I’m sure you can find yourself praying prayers that seem to be only “good enough.” Instead of praying for a miracle of God we are often content with putting God in a box and praying small timid prayers. Our minds literally cannot comprehend how good and powerful God is. 
In Mark Chapter 9 a man whose son is demon possessed approaches Jesus and asks Him to take pity on them and help his son, if he can. Jesus responds by saying “If you can? Everything is possible if a person believes.” The father’s boy exclaimed “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.” Do you think that we sometimes pray good-sized prayers because we have a disbelief that God creates miracles in our lives? Honestly think about it! When was the last time you prayed and you asked for something miraculous to happen? We usually pray a blessing over our food, a prayer for safety, and every now then maybe even a prayer for guidance. How different would our lives look and how much would our faith grow if we chose to pray for miracles daily?
Focus: Today I want to challenge you to pray a God-sized prayer in your life that will help you overcome your unbelief. I encourage you to pray that same God-sized prayer daily, wholeheartedly, and full of faith. Be patient, stay consistent, and be aware to experience the fullness and greatness of our Creator. I fully believe and pray that these seven attributes will help you grow closer to God this year.
The best is yet to come!


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