In previous days I’ve suggested that it isn’t disrespectful to lament and that it’s okay to openly and honestly express our pain and doubt before God. I think it’s entirely healthy and wise that in our deep sorrow, pain, and confusion we recognise our need for God. Amid our desperation, the very best thing we can do is to turn toward God. 
In these verses we sense a change in David. As he turns his desperation toward God, as he remembers and acknowledges that God is in control, something happens and there is a shift. David chooses to remember and trust that God is a good Father who is in control. 
I’m reminded that trust is always a choice for us, too. It is never something that "just happens." 
This is what author Ann Voskamp says: “That’s my daily work, the work God asks of me. To trust. The work I shirk. To trust in the Son, to trust in the wisdom of this moment, to trust in now. And trust is that: work. The work of trusting love.”
Question: In what area of your life do you find it difficult to trust God? Is there anything that has caused you not to choose trust?


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