The writer of this lament is David. We can’t be entirely sure exactly when he wrote it, or what was driving his despair, but it’s likely it was his relationship breakdown with Saul. Saul had become jealous of David’s success and 1 Samuel 18:29 tells us that Saul ‘remained his enemy for the rest of his days.’ 
David may have been a great and successful king, but he had his share of suffering. Many, many heroes and heroines of the faith did. Clearly David is in deep pain and it’s easy to think that God has forgotten us in times like this. 
So, we learn from this psalm that kings and heroines are not immune and neither are we. We’re not alone in our suffering. Scripture is full of stories of pain and suffering. That may not make you feel any better of course (I don’t mean to be trite!) but may I encourage you to offer your pain and distress honestly to God—just as David has done—knowing that it is entirely appropriate and biblical to do so.
Question: Do you find it hard to offer your pain and distress honestly to God? Does David's prayer here help?


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