My husband is a commercial airline pilot and recently he flew me home from New York. I don’t particularly like flying, but knowing that he was up in the front put me entirely at ease and I slept like a baby. Even though I had absolutely no control over what happened at 36 000 feet, I knew exactly who did, and I trusted him completely. As he masterfully guided the plane through a range of potentially disastrous scenarios, I slept peacefully.
The same is true of life – when things don’t go according to plan, when things get rough, we need to know who is in control. When life throws us a curve ball, as it inevitably will, we can and should rightfully lament; but healthy lament knows God is in control under all circumstances, and we can be strong, courageous and at peace in this knowledge.
Question: Who is in control of your life? How does that make you feel?


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