If I’m being very truthful, I have to admit that I want God to answer my prayers through miraculous and powerful intervention. The reality is, though, that often he doesn’t. Does that mean that he’s neither miraculous or powerful? Not at all. In the cross, we recognise the presence of God in weakness and in suffering, too. When we lament our circumstances, our hurt, and our pain, we stay connected to God in a way that without lament, we may not.
Author and Pastor Matt Woodley says that there is something even greater than this in the act of lamenting:
"When we lament we stand with Jesus, the one who knew the power and the pathos of lament. When he cried from the cross, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ he entered into the depths of lament. Now when we lament, we’re never really alone. Sometimes we stand with Jesus at the cross and we hurt together. This can’t happen when we try to run from the pain of our losses."
Question: Are you ever disappointed with God's response to your prayers? Have you ever prayed in lament?


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