LEARNING THE LESSONS OF LAMENT: Day 1 (a New 14 day reading plan)

I know we’re not supposed to have favourites, but the book of Psalms is definitely up there for me. It is full of earthy, raw, honest experiences and confirms for me that life is full of both joy and sorrow. It demonstrates that I can be entirely real before God and that there is no polite or proper language necessary to talk to him as I journey through my own human experiences. The Psalms of lament are particularly encouraging because while we may want our spiritual experience to be strong, affirming and positive, often it’s not, and I see that reflected in these psalms. They allow me to get in touch with the pain that I sometimes feel and know that it’s okay to express despair, confusion, anger and doubt. 
Question: What pain are you experiencing now? How is this pain affecting your faith?


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