Failures > Filters 

Wait… did you read that title right? I may not be a mathematician and I may or may not have had some less than satisfactory grades in school when it came to mathematics, but that title is correct. I always want to be progressing in my life, my relationships, my career, and most importantly my walk with God. It’s no surprise that we live in a world full of filters. We have rewired our own brains to believe that instead of embracing our failures and learning from them that we can simply put a filter on them. We become so used to pressing a button on a screen to hide our shortcomings that we forget how healthy it can be to fail. 
When we start to develop a fear of failure and hide behind our filters we will almost certainly miss God’s calling on our lives. I’m a skateboarder. I have experienced failure more times than I can count. I have the scrapes, cuts, scars, and x-ray images as proof of my failures. While some people may perceive those failures negatively, I learn from every single fall. 
I literally had to learn how to fail, in order to succeed. No matter how many filters we put up, we cannot hide from our Father. He knows us better than anyone else on this Earth, and loves us so much more. We may not be perfect but God is, and He promises to stand by us as we grow and learn through life’s failures and valleys.   
Focus: God created you, on purpose. The world has given us an image to follow that was never intended for us. Don’t be afraid of failure! The absolute worst thing that can happen is that we have an opportunity to grow and rely on The Lord’s strength instead of our own. We were never promised an easy life but let’s continue to make it a fulfilled one in Jesus' name!


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