Purpose > Performance

Every devotional I write there always seems to be one topic that really hits home for me. This is that topic. I am a performance-driven person. I find such a joy in completing a task. Especially if it’s a task that is deemed to be impossible. 
One thing I’ve learned as a leader is that if I spend my time trying to accomplish an impossible task that was never intended for me to solve, I can miss the purpose that God has for me in that situation. Hopefully somebody reading this can relate! I can focus in on one problem and completely forget about everything else that is going on in my life. I will put my family, friends, and even God “on hold” because I think an issue is only mine to solve. If the devil cannot destroy you, he will distract you. For me personally, the devil will build walls in my life, not to trap me, but to distract me. He will use my selfishness and pride in overcoming a task until I become deaf to the voice of God. 
Instead of trying to find a solution on my own and diving head first into a situation, I’ve learned to first seek God for guidance and wisdom. Instead of worrying about how I perform in a difficult situation, I’ve become more aware of asking what my purpose is in that specific situation. I no longer look to solve a problem just for the satisfaction and approval of others, but I choose to look for the purpose God has designed me for in every situation. 
Focus: What is something in your life that you’re so focused on performing well that you’re missing out on your purpose? Maybe you’re working extra hours at the office for that new promotion but you're consistently putting your family on the back-burner. I encourage you to seek God today for clarity and affirmation for your purpose in the season of life you’re in. 


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