REAFFIRM FROM RESTORATION: Day 1 ( A New reading plan)

 Worship > Entertainment

What kind of church do you go to? Is it a traditional church with robes and an organ or is it a more modern church with an auditorium, big screens, and flashy lights? A lot of churches are trying to find ways to make church fun. I grew up going to a very traditional church, so I find value in those roots, but I also love being able to be a part of an upbeat, Jesus-loving, stranger-welcoming, fun-seeking church. It doesn’t matter if you wear a three piece suit or your favorite pair of Yeezys and some skinny jeans to church, we can still fall into the trap of church entertainment.
Instead of being a part of the church, praying with the church, and serving at the church we can believe the lie that the church is made specifically to feed our needs alone. We show up on Sunday (probably a little late), grab our coffee, listen to worship, try to pay attention to the twenty minute sermon, and pray that next week the pastor doesn’t go over twenty minutes. Instead of going to church to be entertained, we need to spend more of our time loving the church the way Jesus loves His bride, the church. We need to be reminded to love the church with  everything that we have because Jesus gave everything for us.
Focus: Jesus never created the church for entertainment. He gave everything to save the church, for it to be filled with people who need saving, and to grow people who desire to become world-changers and difference-makers. Let’s quit sitting on the sidelines and become fully engaged in church this Sunday. Don’t just be AT church, BE the church.


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