Essential #6: A Balanced Schedule
Do you talk with God about your schedule? Or do you hurl yourself into an almost frantic routine each day? Do you rush from place to place and chore to chore, thinking that in all of your busyness you’re accomplishing real work or establishing real relationships?
The truth is, a balanced schedule is structured according to the purpose that God has established for your life. 
In looking to Jesus as our example, He controlled His schedule according to the Father’s plan. His schedule did not rule Him.
Furthermore, Christ approached His schedule in three ways that are particularly relevant to us today:
  1. Jesus never attempted to justify His schedule or make excuses for any aspect of it. He didn’t say, as many people do today, “I just needed to get away,” or “Please forgive me, but I just don’t have time to …” Jesus lived His entire life without relying on the approval of other people. He sought only to please His heavenly Father and do what God told Him to do (John 5:19).
  2. Jesus was never hurried or flustered when it came to His schedule. He didn’t rush from place to place. In fact, for purposes that were a mystery to His close followers, He willfully waited in Jericho even after He received news that Lazarus was very ill (John 11:6). We know in retrospect that He did that for the wonderful purpose of raising Lazarus from the dead (John 11:43-44). But at the time, Jesus’ disciples certainly didn’t understand His apparent laid-back approach to the situation.
  3. Jesus didn’t find His schedule to be stressful. He did the things that were important and let the unimportant things go by.
If like me, at times, you feel your schedule has gotten completely out of balance, take some time to gain control by reflecting upon and evaluating how and where you’ve been spending your time. Begin by asking the following questions:
  • What am I doing?
  • Which of these things is absolutely vital to my fulfilling my potential and purpose, doing what God’s created me to be and do?
  • What do I really need to do, what do I need to let others do, and what doesn’t need to be done at all?
Some answers to these questions may be difficult. And you may need to make tough choices about your time, work, and current relationships. But there no doubt are changes you can make that will minimize stress, streamline your day, and help you get more out of every hour you’re gifted. Ask the Father to reveal these changes to you. Once you’re aware of them, act on them. Then, pray frequently and regularly for the Lord to help you remain flexible and to be wise in the way you spend your life (Ps. 90:12).


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