Essential #5: Right Relationships
As you follow the path toward fulfilling your God-given potential, you’ll discover rather quickly that you don’t walk it alone. You’ll not arrive at the fullness of your potential without getting and giving help along the way.
No one lives in isolation. All of us have and need relationships.
They determine to a great extent how successful and joyful we are. Our relationships make it possible for us to pursue various goals and engage in various activities. And they play a key role in helping us overcome adversities and hardships.
All of the previous topics we’ve covered in this reading plan relate to the way you interact with people. The lives of others, in turn, impact your understanding of what it means to live in a forgiven, intimate, pure relationship with God and His children. Through our relationships, we learn what it means to have a clear mind, what it means to have and use your natural and ministry-motivated gifts, and what it means to live in as much health and vitality as you can.
When we look to the Bible, we see it’s filled with stories of people who accomplished great things, but only because they were in relationship with others:
  • Noah’s three sons and their families helped him build the ark. 
  • Moses worked as a team with various people (including Aaron and Joshua) in his leadership role of the Israelites. 
  • Nehemiah rebuilt the broken walls and gates of Jerusalem—with a lot of help. 
  • Paul had many associates (including Timothy, Barnabas, Silas, Titus, and Luke) as he traveled tens of thousands of miles spreading the words of Jesus.
  • Even Jesus chose 12 men to surround and help Him in practical ways. And He developed such a strong bond with 11 of those disciples that every one of them was willing to die for his Lord. 
God’s plan for each of us is to be in relationships that provide mutual help and assistance. As much as you need others for help and friendships, they need you for the same reasons.
To a great extent, your relationships determine the ways in which you pursue your potential and accomplish God’s plan for your life. Choose to establish relationships that our heavenly Father honors, blesses, and uses for His purposes. Ask Him to send the right people to you, helping you to discern whether a relationship is right for you. Trust God to be an active participant for good in every relationship He encourages you to develop. 


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