PASSION & PURPOSE: Day 10 (last day)

The Best Is Yet to Come
No matter who you are …
No matter what gifts and talents God’s given you, or the degree to which you’ve developed them …
No matter the accomplishments, achievements, or degree of success you’ve already experienced in life …
God still has more for you. There’s still something to be and do. His very best lies ahead of you.
How can I be sure of that? Because if you’re in right relationship with God, what eventually lies ahead for you is eternal life in heaven.
You have absolutely no concept of how fantastic heaven is. You may think you know, but anything you know is only a small fraction—if even that—of the way it really is. You have no concept of what it’s going to be like to live in the near presence of God and to have eternity to do all He might ask you to do. As a person with a finite mind and body, you can’t begin to fathom what it’ll be like to live forever in an unlimited mind and body. You may have experienced great love here on this earth, but it’s nothing compared to the depth of love you’re going to experience in heaven. The same is true for joy, fulfillment, and every other good thing you can imagine.
Between now and when you go to heaven, God desires to build upon what is and take you from height to greater height, strength to greater strength, and glory to greater glory. That’s His plan for every believer. Therefore, no matter what you’ve known as the best of life in the past is only a prelude to the next greater thing God has for you.
Ask the Father today what you can do to better prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Ask Him to reveal ways in which you need to pursue your full potential. Ask Him to tell you where to make changes that will allow you to receive all the blessings He has in store for you.
Eliminate anything standing in the way of you pursuing your passion, purpose, and God-given potential with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Face up to, deal with, and overcome any obstacles in your path. Ask the Father to work in you to make the changes you need to make. Believe that God’s best lies ahead, then get ready to receive it.
Don’t wait another day to reach your full potential for God!
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