How few, even of professing Christians, understand these words! These verses clearly affirm that the atonement of Christ restored the whole human race to favor with God. Christ is our peace, having broken down the wall between God and humanity. By His own blood, Christ signed the ransom papers for the human race. Unlike most of the panaceas offered to humanity, this one is not a subjective experience but an objective reality: salvation was accomplished historically, outside of, and independent of ourselves. And the gospel is the glad announcement of that event.
Calvary is the double cure for sin. It takes away both sin’s guilt and power. The revelation of the atoning God breaks the believer’s heart, freeing it from the bondage of a self-centered existence. Looking on the Cross, the believer sees the holiness of God, and repents; sees the love of God and believes; sees the power of God and is born again.
Think of the meaning of the phrase “Good News,” which is another name for the Gospel. “News” means something that’s already happened. You can’t change of effect the news. You just accept it. “Good” means that it’s a cause for rejoicing. The opposite of “Good News” is “Bad Advice.” What has Christianity been for you in the past: Good News or Bad Advice?


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