The wine had run out at the wedding feast at Cana, and Mary, Jesus’ mother, knew that Jesus could provide more wine. However, she wasn’t discouraged when Jesus said to her,
Dear woman, that’s not our problem… My time has not yet come (John 2:4, NLT).
The reason why she wasn’t discouraged was because she knew the secret to life’s confusions and problems. She said to the servants at the wedding,
Do whatever he tells you (v.5, NIV). 
That is the only recipe for all of life's problems: to trust and obey Jesus. That is also the right order: first you trust, and then you obey.
Obedience without trust is useless. God rejects obedience without feeling and without conviction in his goodness and unfailing love.
But God is never more pleased than when you and I look around the universe and God seems to be dead, and the angels only a myth, and heaven just part of folklore, but still you choose to do what is right. 
God asks that you have faith, and faith isn’t a feeling. Faith is a choice, and so God tells you how to choose. God tells you to trust and obey, and so do whatever He tells you to do.
Can you think of a time in your life when you knew God wanted you to do something, contrary to all human reasoning, and you went ahead and obeyed God anyway? How did that turn out? Who can you share this experience with to help build their faith in God.


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