I’ve never felt quite like the majority. As a child I was very ill for several years, so I was always skinny and small. I was born overseas. I looked different, and I had to learn a whole new language. I got called a lot of names at school.
As I was growing up there were always people to remind me that I was useless and no good, and I guess that’s why I always tried to over-compensate at school and in other ways.
Now that I am all grown up, I know that I’m expected to face all the challenges of life head-on, with confidence and courage, but I’ll let you in on a secret. Within myself, I’ve always felt small, weak, and outnumbered and overwhelmed.
Some years ago, I found a Bible verse that helped change my thinking. Here it is:
The least will become a thousand, and the smallest a powerful people.
I am the Lord; at the right moment, I will hurry it along (Isaiah 60:22, CEB).
This says that when the Lord is on your side, you are always a majority, just as a thousand outnumbers one, and a powerful nation outnumbers one small person. With the Divine majority that you have when God is beside you, you can face and overcome anything! (Zechariah 4:6).
It is one thing to know that with the Lord you are always a majority; it’s another thing to remember it when you’re in the middle of trouble and strife. Write this and put it somewhere you will see it often: “With God, I am always a majority.”


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