Often, when I look at my own very, very meager, disappointing accomplishments, I think of Dwight L. Moody's great saying. Reporters asked Moody, "Mr. Moody, have you got courage enough to be a martyr?" "No," said Mr. Moody, "but if God wants me to be a martyr, He'll give me the courage." 
You and I don't have much. We are like tiny containers that can't hold much. But we can overflow a lot.
If we learn the secret of the Presence of God, however weak, however fragile, however foolish we may now be, God can equip us. However inadequate we are for life – and we all are – God can equip us. However, none of us can do everything by ourselves. We weren't made for that. We need other people. 
But God can equip us to do what He wants us to do. God wants us to do that one thing which we can do better than anybody else: influence the people we know best. Every one of us has more influence with certain people than the rest of the whole wide world has. 
God can equip you for the most important thing in your life and mine: how to influence people for God. If the most important thing in your life is to influence people for God, then what do you most need to be equipped with? Make it a point of prayer. God will provide it.


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