If you can pray at any time and in any place, why did Jesus have to go to lonely places to pray?
It’s the same reason we all need a quiet place, away from the distractions of our everyday lives. We can speak to God at any time, we need a quiet space to hear His voice. When you create space in your life for God, He fills it.
I often go for a long walk outside, typically along a quiet road or sit in a peaceful place in nature, where I can simply spend time with God. When I pray in this way, I’m acknowledging that prayer isn’t just me speaking to a seemingly silent God. I have discovered that God is desperately longing to speak to me in many different ways. Prayer involves listening for the voice of God, allowing His heart to be revealed to me. Prayer is receiving His blessings.
It’s vital for every child of God to make space in their lives for God. That’s why Jesus “withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” We all need a “lonely place” to pray. But, here’s what I’ve discovered: That “lonely place” for prayer is never really lonely, because when you sense the presence of God, that’s when you most know that you are never alone.
What’s your “lonely place” where God has met with you in the past? You should visit it again, and more often.


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