The Impact of Anger on God
Can a person’s anger affect God? Most definitely.
Through the years, I’ve become increasingly amazed at how many people believe that God has no emotions and that their behavior does not prompt an emotional response in Him. The truth is that what we say and do causes God to rejoice or to grieve. And bad anger does not please our heavenly Father. So the Bible warns us, “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God” (Eph. 4:30).
Anger hinders the work He has called us to do. It is a roadblock to experiencing God’s love, faith, hope, joy, and peace in our lives. The witness of a constantly angry person who identifies Jesus Christ as Savior tends to fall on deaf ears. Any message of the Father’s lovingkindness tends to be viewed with suspicion. And our anger can hinder the work God desires to do in the life of another person.
Finally, anger will hinder God’s blessings in our lives. Sin separates us from the Father and prevents us from receiving His best. Anger can upset us to the point where we fail to perceive God’s blessings and, in consequence, fail to receive them.
As you can see from the devotions in this reading plan, your anger is no laughing matter. Refuse to make light of it. Don’t allow others to laugh about their short fuse. Take anger seriously.
Resist any attempts to dismiss or trivialize the impact of anger. The effects of anger can be devastating in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain and suffering.
Health, happiness, prosperity, and purpose are all negatively affected by anger.  Always remember that if you want a better future, you must learn to deal with it—once and for all.


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