Fake or Follower: Day 6

Healing and Transformation in Community

Deep down we all desire community no matter how we’re wired—introvert, extrovert, or a mix of the two.  A place where we are accepted and loved for who we are in all our imperfections and yet still called higher and challenged to repent, forgive, and live the life we’re destined for. A place where we can celebrate marriages, births, and job promotions as well as mourn death, loss, and pain—together.
This longing almost makes no sense. On the one hand, some of our most painful and wounding relationships have been in the context of community. On the other hand, some of our greatest moments have come from being in loving community in which we have found acceptance, love, healing, redemption, and restoration. 
So why is genuine community something we long for and at times vehemently avoid? We are created in the very image of God, sealed with His divine imprint, and the image of God in its triune nature is the very essence of community: our God is three in one. As created beings, we instinctively desire to reflect our Creator here on earth.
What makes it so hard to attain? Simply put—the fall of man. We followed
suit and stopped being bearers of His image, instead becoming self-conscious, covering ourselves, and toiling for protection. The good news is that Jesus came to redeem all that was lost in the garden. Through His life, death, and resurrection, we are connected back to God and therefore restored to our created value and purpose. 
It’s going to get messy—this calling to live out our faith in community. However, the gospel fills the gap caused by pain in this life. Living life together with family and community means that when loss or difficulty take place in our lives, we have one another to help us shoulder the burden and get through. Life is a battlefield full of land mines, both seen and unseen. It’s important that we have friends and loved ones to keep watch when we are anxious, weary, and in the middle of a fight. 
Take a moment to consider how you feel about the idea of living life in godly community. Do you have any hurdles or hindrances that keep you from doing life with others? What is at least one way you can practically choose to invest yourself in relationships in a deeper or greater way? 


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