Our culture worships strength. Superhero movies paint a picture of men and women who fight and win because they’re strong enough, smart enough, powerful enough. The Olympics, beauty pageants, singing competitions—we adore those that seem unable to be stopped, that are practically flawless and that live the mantra “You can do it!”
What happens when we can’t do it? In our darkest moments, in our lack, in our perceived defeat—we aren’t superheroes. We aren’t beauty queens or medalists or the next American Idol. We’re depressed. We’re behind on rent. We’re brokenhearted. We’re sick. 
The beauty of a life in the merciful shade of Jesus is that our strength matters little. Our ultimate purpose—to worship—is an indication of our only weapon. In the proclamation of the strength of our God, there is power. He goes before us. He conquers our enemies. He rides in on a white horse when we need Him most and pieces the fragile parts of us back together. Jesus Christ is simultaneously the fiercest in battle and the gentlest in love. His strength does not negate his compassion. 
Let your song today override your struggle. Take time to worship the One who defends your heart—where you are weak, He is strong.



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