Imagine yourself as a vase, handmade and sculpted to perfection. Then imagine it being thrown to the ground with much force. What is it now? Broken and shattered, each piece a symbol of damage done. Suddenly, in comes God. He takes every piece and puts you back together, no pieces missing. He makes you as good as new through His love. 
There is something special about your brokenness--you can see the love God has for you and know that, even if you’re shattered, He’s there with you. No matter how substantial your brokenness may seem, there is nothing that Jesus cannot fix, cannot restore and cannot overcome. 
When He puts you back together, everything is made new. 
Jesus is near, no matter how you feel. Hold onto the promises that all His plans are good for you, He trades your ashes in for beauty and He makes all things new! 



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