The God of the Universe lives in you.
 Think about that for a moment--the King of Kings, the Uncreated One who created everything- His presence lives in YOU! Whether or not you can see Him, hear Him, recognize Him; He is there. His Spirit is promised to you by Jesus. But why would God want to live in us? He already has all of Heaven and Earth as His throne!
Why us? From the beginning of time, God’s desire has been communion with humanity. We see this depicted in the Garden of Eden: God walked and talked with Adam and Eve. It was only after they sinned that THEY hid from God. And HE sought them out! You may feel far from God, but know this: He loves you and wants to walk and talk with you today!
 Today, let’s choose to work, study, serve, rest, and simply be knowing that everything we do is worship to God! He gave everything for relationship with us. May we walk so closely with Jesus that He is the focus when we walk into a room, so that our very lives announce, “He’s here!” 
Written by Hannah Holland
You can listen to He’s Here, based on the themes above, on Christ For The Nations’ new worship album “All Things New”, available everywhere May 4.


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