In the Gospels, Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. During his lesson, He uttered a very interesting phrase: “Your Kingdom come.” 
 This is a very bold and revolutionary phrase. Jesus was telling the disciples to pray with authority that God’s kingdom be manifested HERE. This idea was a radical one, because, from the fall of Man up until Jesus came, authority over the Earth belonged to the kingdom of darkness. This kingdom’s sole purpose was to lie, steal from and kill every glimpse of Heaven that it saw. It attacked and still attacks health, financial prosperity, strong relationships, joy, peace and every good thing. 
Though the kingdom of darkness is still present, it has been utterly defeated by Jesus Christ! With this as a reality, the phrase “Your kingdom come” sounds more like a war cry then a simple prayer.

When we ask for Heaven to come, Heaven comes! And what happens when Heaven comes? Freedom comes! Healing comes! ALL the realities of Heaven come flooding down to earth! And it doesn’t stop there--with a kingdom, comes a King! And if THE KING is here, what can we do but drop to our knees and glorify Him as He sits with us enthroned upon our praises? 
 This is the whole premise of the song “Heaven is in This Place”. It is a declaration of the realities of Heaven coming to earth! We have asked, we have prayed, Heaven has heard, It has warred against the darkness and It has won! And now, praise to Jesus, Heaven is in this place with us.
Written by Naomi Cantwell
You can listen to Heaven Is In This Place, based on the themes above, on Christ For The Nations’ new worship album “All Things New”, available everywhere May 4. 



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