What does it mean to “thirst” for God? Why has the concept of Jesus as “living water” so massively saturated the Church? Our longing for intimacy with the person of Jesus is often articulated poetically as a longing for a basic, life-sustaining element: water. 
Water sustains life. Humans, animals, even plants and single-celled organisms all flock to water, because without it, they’ll only make it a few days before life can’t be sustained. It is so basic and deep of a need that, in times of crisis and drought, it becomes a resource we war over. 
Jesus is the ultimate Living Water because He is eternal—he never runs out! There is no drought, no crisis with Jesus. He is a steady, always-at-full-capacity source of life. What temporal things have you directly or indirectly looked to for life? When the wells of your heart run dry, go to Jesus and drink. His love, His strength, His wisdom, and His peace will never run out, are always there so you can take, drink and live. 


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