Anger & Your Attitudes & Behaviors
You can’t hide anger. It doesn’t take long for a sensitive, astute person to recognize it in another. There’s something in the flashing of the eyes, the clenching of the jaw, the edgy tone in the voice. As much as a person attempts to hide it, anger will reveal itself. At times, the words an angry person speaks—even if dripping with kindness—give the person away.
Those who study human behavior have noted a number of characteristics in angry people:
  • Tardiness — They tend to be tardy in an attempt to control a situation or draw attention to themselves in order to express anger.
  • Obstructive Behavior in Groups — They fail to cooperate to the point they are truly disagreeable. These people object to every idea, proposition, and solution suggested with an air of disdain. 
  • Cynicism — They find fault in every person or situation.
  • Jabbing Jokes — They tell embarrassing stories with the intent of hurting the subject of the joke.
  • Disrupting Conversations — They feel a deep need to interject their opinion, even if it’s off topic.
  • Sloppy Job Performance — They’re often resentful to the point they no longer care about doing a good job. They’re not motivated to give their best effort.
  • Loss of Enthusiasm — Deep down, they don’t want to be happy. This very often translates into a down-in-the-mouth attitude. The angry person may withdraw from social settings or turn down invitations to public events. The angry person would rather brood than laugh.
  • Depression — What begins as a self-imposed lack of enthusiasm can end up as full-blown depression. Angry people often slide into periods of deep discouragement and despair, in part because they hate the fact no one seems to take their anger as seriously as they do.
  • Procrastination — The angry person has little desire to start new things that require focus or creativity.
  • Eating Disorders — Angry people can overeat, under eat, or over exercise. They frequently find themselves facing obesity, anorexia, or bulimia.
  • Sexual Dysfunction — Many people have problems in their sexual lives because they’re angry. When a person is angry and wants sex, what that person is doing is expressing anger to someone else through an act. Sex without love is just an act. Animals do that. It’s damaging and can destroy a life and marriage. That’s how powerful and deceptive anger is. But when genuine, godly, intimate love is present, it’s a whole different story.
Commit to dealing with your anger immediately and in godly ways so that it doesn’t affect the attitudes you hold and the way you treat others.


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