treated. Now its been 2½ months since this has happen.  I finally get the appt at USC in Los Angeles.  He can take the hardware out but not until they figure out why my bone is breaking.  I told the doctor I have this rare chromosome disorder.  So he’s thinking maybe that is causing my bone to be so brittle. So, he makes appt for another doctor.  A specialist.  I’m thinking it’s a bone specialist.  Wrong.  It’s a endocrinologist.  I don’t need one of these.  An this appt wasn’t until Aug. 16, 2017.     So I go back to my primary doctor.  So tired of this. Thinking isn’t this ever going to be fixed.  So my doctor sends to me to another doctor, still thinking my hormones need to get in balance.  I go... what a waste of time.  I get this answer.  I’m so special, that I’m way out of his league. So far, no California doctor will even look at my leg. What am I suppose to do now? More time has gone by.  All I can do is pray.  I know praying is the answer.  An it was.

Then on June 20, 2017 I had a freak accident at home.  I was using my potty chair in my bedroom, and I got sick and fall on the floor.  I was in so much pain.  I had past out on the floor from all the pain. Then when I woke up, my leg brace was off my leg and it had broke.  I tried to fix it.  It was late at night. I couldn’t call for help because my home phone was where I couldn’t reach it.  So, I made the best of the situation.   Made myself comfortable on the floor until morning.  Not realizing what day it was, my cell phone starts to ring.  I couldn’t find it.  I search and search but with no luck.  Then I realize it was Thursday, and I was suppose to be at work.  Now I realize I needed help.  I’m struck on the floor, I can’t get up, can’t find my phone.  Luckily my sister and I had a system that if we don’t hear from each other, we call each others friends. So, when she didn’t hear from me in the morning on facebook like she always did.  She called my friend Sharon.  She came over.  I crawl into the front room. Open the door.  She said everyone been calling you. I told her what happen.  I was on the floor.  She called 911.  They came right away. 

The fire department were very kind, but it was very hard getting me up off the floor.  They did their job, but had to give me a lot of morphine to do it. While they were getting me ready to be transported to Barstow, my friend Linda came in and found my phone.  No wonder I couldn’t find it, it was up on the bed by my laptop. So anyway... the fire department got me in the ambulance, and my friends lock up my house and took care of my animals an off I went. I arrive shortly later at the ER where they were told about my condition.  I had to tell them the story on what happen.  I fall on the floor, my leg brace broke and I couldn’t get up.  I was there for two days before someone found me.  So they took x-rays and seen that I had broken hardware in my leg.  They ask me where I got the brace from? and I said Loma Linda in Riverside, Ca.  So they called there.  They told them, their ER was completely full.  (THIS WAS A GOD SEND) So they sent me to Las Vegas.

I told the Doctor my story about how no California Doctor would even look at me.  They did all kinds of tests.  I had so much hardware in my leg that the bad bone, couldn’t reach the good bone to regenerate itself.   I had a really good Dr. who knew exactly what was  wrong.  An after almost 5yrs. I’m all fixed.                                                           The surgery took almost 8hrs to do.  There was a lot to do.  As you can see by the pictures.  Plus they had to cut a inch off my leg bone.  I will never be the same.  But, it was God’s will.  After that, I have to wear a special shoe. I was in the hospital for a total of 8 days. The hospital was so kind.  I never seen a hospital as big as this.  It even had it’s own subway, and wal-greens in it. The Doctor was the Best!  An when I had no way home the hospital got me a EMT (Non Emergency Medical Transport) to bring all the way home to my front door, which was a 3hr drive. (189 miles). When I got home I got a big surprise! 

My bedroom had been painted, carpet ripped up, and stuff had been thrown away. But as a Christian, were suppose to forgive like God forgave us.  A month had gone by... time to go back to Vegas to get the stapes out.  So, I thought they were staples but they weren’t, they were stitches.  Less painful to take out.  The Doctor, was a great young female doctor who was only 28yrs old.  Anyway told my bone was healing nicely, specially with the inch being taken off.  Now I have to wear a special shoe.  She gave me more copies of my x-rays, because I’ve been keeping a record of all the x-rays this time. Everything was looking good.  I was able to start doing leg lifts in bed.  Then something else happens. The bottom bolt that is holding the rod in place decided it wanted to come to the top of my skin.


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