So, I take a picture with my camera on my phone, so I can show everyone.  My phone camera pick up the dis-colorization underneath my skin from the screw head that’s how close to the top of the skin it was.  I called the Doctor and told her about it.  Luckily I was still under warranty, my surgery I mean.  So, I back in August and had it taken out.  Thanks to my friend Cindy Charlton who took me and spent the night so she could bring me home.   I’ve gone back once just for x-rays.  The Doctor says I’m healing really well but I have to be careful with my past history.  I told her was it ok if I found a orthopedic doctor here in ca?  Reason being is this time I lost my job.  Can’t afford to be going back and forth to Vegas.  But, the times I did, I had 2 people to thank for taking me.  Sharon Giles, and Cindy Charlton.  They were my rides and I couldn’t have gotten there without them. Now to find a Calif doctor to take my case? What a ordeal I’ve been through.  But with the grace of God it gets better.

I go back to my primary Dr. And tell him I’ve been cleared to find a Ortho Dr. here.  So he says he knows of one.  So he sends in the referral. I get the ok to go see him.  But first I need my x-rays taken.  I get my x-rays, then I go see.  He says you are healing nicely, I just have to see him one more time.  Come back in 4 wks.  So I did.  Even better news.  He releases me. Now the fun begins.... therapy! I go to my primary doctor and he gets me in home therapy but only a few sessions.  I learned enough than to keep on going. Months and months go by.  I’m getting stronger. Using a walker, one day on Dec. 2nd 2017, I felt like it was time to walk, like I was strong enough.  I took a few steps on my own.  By the “Grace of God”. Than after that I started using my claw cane. Getting stronger every day.  Still don’t have my job back, but one day I will.

Thanks to God on Mar. 10th 2018 I started walking all on my own.  Still have to use a cane to get from the front door to the car when someone comes to pick me up, but other than that I don’t use it at all outside anymore. Well more time has gone by... I have gotten even stronger!  No more cane at all.  I can walk around my yard even with out a cane.  I don’t know what God has in store for me.  It looks like I won’t be getting my job back after all like my boss promise once I started walking, and got off the pain pills.  God has come through with other jobs taking care of my friends yard and her pets.  An making my Jewelry. Plus I have been blessed with a great new church who is willing to give me a ride to my Drs. appt.  God is Good! Never once in this ordeal did GOD leave my side. He has always been there for me.  That is what this book was all about.  “Being A “Patient” of God’s Timing”


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