I still couldn’t open the store on my own, and that would take a long time. I was always walking on pins and needles wondering is hardware going to break again? Well I finally got over that and moved on.  Concentrating on what I could do for God.  I decided to started a facebook page called: “God Is Speaking...Can You Hear Him” after my book where I could share my messages that I wrote while I was filling in for my pastor.  I even finished my message called “Perfect Timing”. Here is just a little taste from that sermon.  It was to long to include. Proverbs 3:5 (ESV) 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. There are things that we may be struggling with that we don’t understand, but with God’s perfect timing, we will see why we are going through these things. God will open doors when the timing is right. Not our timing, but His Timing.

I went on writing my own messages posting them on facebook, getting new readers, reaching people I didn’t know, but that was my goal.  That is what the Holy Spirit wanted me to do.  Spreading the word of God to anyone who would listen.  That is why I also started posting my messages on wordpress, and twitter too.
Life was good! 
My job was going good. My jewelry was really taking off.  I started making earrings to go with my bracelets.  People really like my earrings cause I use hypo-allergenic wires so anybody could wear them. So customers started placing orders.  But the best part was, I was able to open the store on my own after a 1½ yr of help.  My ordeal with my leg was finally over. Then on Feb. 11th 2017, my leg started acting up at work.  I was really sore.  Not good.  I thought after a good night sleep it would be better.  I was wrong.  It was worse.  So to be on the safe side I took my big

claw cane with me to work.  I don’t know what happen but I could barely use my leg.  I got in the store, got the alarm off.  Luckily we had a walker in the store.  I got it, just in time before my leg stop working.  Got the front doors open, so the store could be open but that was it. I couldn’t take anything out.  My boss call and said he was bringing some new stuff in.  So when he got there, there was nothing outside of the store like there was suppose to be.  He said why?  I told him something is wrong with my leg again.  So we close the store.  I took my scooter home and I went to the ER. Here we go again. I get drop off at the ER.    I tell the receptionist the story about the hardware in my leg breaking, and that what it feels like.  She says have a seat. It was busy that day.  So I had plenty of time to think. How could the hardware break again, if that was the problem?  I had been so careful.  Cause in the back of my mind, I had always wondered about this happening again

Well I finally get called back.  They ask me what happened?  I told them it felt like the hardware in my leg broke again.  They said what hardware?  So I fill them in on the story about my leg and all the surgeries I had. They take me back to x-rays.  The x-rays came back. I was right! Hardware broke again.  They tell I have to call the county hospital, cause there’s nothing they can do for me there, except put me in a half of cast. (Which is a ace bandage, and a cast on the bottom of your leg).  So I call the county hospital, they said that since I was release over a 11/2yr ago, that it was basically not their problem anymore. So now the search begins..... Being in so much pain, I go see my primary doctor and he gets me a referral to see a orthopedic doctor, which takes a while to get because you have to go through the insurance. I get my referral which took 5 days to get, another few days to get an appt.  I go see the doctor and he says sorry I can’t help you. You need to go down to Loma Linda hospital in

Riverside, Ca but don’t tell them I sent you.  Go through the ER so you don’t need a referral.  I did. I was being seen, but not taken care of.  They replace the cast with a brace and told me that they need to run more tests to see why my femur bone was breaking so easily so I needed to see their orthopedic Dr., so after being there 8 hrs they sent me home. The next day I called to make appt with their orthopedic Dr., but they wouldn’t let me because I went through the ER without a referral, and even though they said they could help me... I needed a referral from my doctor for that hospital.  So I’m having to start over again. I tell my primary doctor what happen and they find me another doctor to go see.  This time in Apple valley, Ca.  I go see them and the first words out of his mouth was no one will see you cause of your bone.  Great!  I’m going around with broken hardware in my leg, and a broken bone and no one will see me.  The doctor said we can send you to a trauma center in L.A., find cause I need to be


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