Being a "Patient" of God's Timing (next 5 pages)

Getting back and forth to San Bernardino was not easy, but my friend Sharon made sure I got there. She was a blessing from God.    The first time I went back to the hospital I had to get the staples out.  That was no fun, there was 109 staples, but my friend Sharon was with me and I held her hand.  I’m surprise she didn’t start to cry, cause I held her hand so tight. (I wish I could say that it was the last time she went through that, but it wasn’t) Each time I went back I got a different doctor.  They all basically said the same thing I was getting better.  So I can start physical therapy now. That was great, so I thought.  I taught myself how to walk.  That was really hard.  Therapy was just doing exercises. But, it gave me the strength I needed.  I was doing so great.  I been walking for 8 days on my own with no help from a cane.  Then one day I was at work and I heard something snap.  I waited the day out and went to the ER the next morning. 

Some how the hardware in my leg had broke and they sent me back down to San Bernardino county hospital where they did emergency surgery.  Here we go again..... 2nd surgery Why did the hardware break no one knows, was it faulty? That is the question that will never be answer. This surgery was a little more difficult.  After they took the hardware out.  They put a rod up through my knee cap.  Why I don’t understand.  I guess the rod was to give me extra strength for my leg to walk. I had a lot more pain this time from the surgery than before. Just like before the doctors would say your doing good, but healing process with this is a little longer than before.  So be patient.  Well luckily I still had my job at the thrift store, but this time my boss had found me a electric chair to drive back and forth to work. I just live 2 blocks away so it only took me about 10mins to get there.  Plus

he made sure everything was on wheels so it was easy to open up the store, plus I had a walker at the store so that is how I got the things in and out of store. Working at a thrift store in a small town can be boring for some people but I found a way to keep busy.  I started making wrap-around bracelets with memory wire.  They became a big hit, once they heard I use swarovski crystals. Everything was going great.  I was doing more, and more exercises, and getting stronger.  The pain was finally subsiding. Then one day something in my leg didn’t feel right. It felt like something was moving? I was right! The rod had come lose.  Why?  I was doing only what I was suppose to be doing, and that was exercising my leg. I’m losing faith in this hospital, but with this insurance, which I didn’t have until I broke my leg, I can’t complain.  So now what will happen to my leg? 3rd surgery

Now this surgery took a little longer to be taken care of.  Insurance had to approved it, and they had to come up with a date for surgery. The plan was they were going to go in and tighten up the rod, well at least that’s what they said. Well I got the date.  July 2nd, 2015. So having to prepare for that, my friend Sharon and I decided to go down the night before and spend the night since check in time was 6 a.m., I thought that would be best since we lived so far away. I got all check in, and the doctors still said the same thing, that they were going to just go in and tighten up the rod. My friend stay the whole time in the waiting room until I came out of recovery and woke up.  What a Blessing! I also had a nice surprise, my friend Brandon was waiting for me in my room when I got there.  He lives in San Bernardino.  He stayed until I fell asleep.  Which I wanted to stay awake an visit cause I hadn’t seen him in awhile.  He stay until midnight.   

The next day, I ask the Dr., how the surgery went he said find but they change their mind about my leg. Instead of fixing the rod, they took the rod out and put the hardware back.  I WAS SO MAD! How could they put hardware back in, when it broke on me before.  That’s all I kept asking the doctor every time he would come in to check on me, I never did get a answer.  I finally got out of the hospital. This time they wouldn’t re-lease me for therapy til after 4 months due to my history, but when they did, non of the therapy places where I lived would take my insurance but that’s ok, cause I had been though it enough times I knew the routine. So, I started my own therapy at home. and my friend Linda said once you start to walk she would take me to Disneyland.  I work really hard and learn to walk with a claw cane, and I even worked harder and taught myself to walk again.  I asked my friend Sharon what she wanted for Christmas, and she said.... to walk into church on my own without the help of a cane.  She got her wish.  She was so happy! That was a start of a great new year!


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