Being a "Patient" of God's Timing (first 6 pages)

  Being a “Patient”                             
    God’s Timing
By Sharyl Johnson
A True Story
Introduction Every morning you wake up wondering what kind of day does God have in store for you today? As a Christian you put your life in God hands.  I had no idea that today, Oct. 16th, God use the water company to get me into the hospital.  An that day would be the beginning of a journey, and that journey not only changed my life, but made me stronger in the Lord Jesus Christ. There are a lot of up’s and downs over the coarse of 5yrs with my leg that I broke, that seem to keep breaking.  But then a Miracle happens, and God steps in and says enough.

It was a Tues. Oct. 16th, 2012.  I had been filling in for my pastor for the last 6mos., where I was working on my message called: “Perfect Timing”, when the water company called.  They said they were turning the water off for the night.  I have animals, so I thought I better fill up their dishes.  I had spill just a little tiny bit of water on my ceramic floor, I went to clean it up.... and that when it happen.  I fell and hit the floor hard!  I live by myself so no one heard me yell for help. I prayed to God to give me the strength to get across the 8ft floor where my phone was.  HE DID!  It took over an hr.  Holding on to the dining room table, and using a towel I had, I inch my way to the phone, with God’s help, I called 911.

The fire department came and kick in the door.  It took 5 things of morphine to get me out of my house. The pain was that bad! We finally get to the ER.   The Doctor asks the usual questions.  I tried to answer as best as I can with the pain I was in.  All I could think about is my leg.  They finally get me into for x-rays.  Waiting to hear, the Doctor comes in finally and tells me I broke my femur bone in 3 places.  No wonder I was in so much pain. Deciding what to do with me, cause Barstow hospital doesn’t handle trauma cases, they made me as comfortable as possible, and sent me by ambulance to the county hospital that was over a 100 miles away.  This is where I had my 1st surgery. (It’s amazing how God uses one thing, to take care of a another thing.) I had been having these episodes where my heart would start to race.  Not knowing what that was, I made an appt. for Nov. 1st

This is where God’s Perfect timing comes in.  (Not knowing I had a racing heart), after I came out of surgery, and I was in recovery.  I had a episode where my heart started to race.  Talk about God’s
perfect timing.  My heart rate got up to 205/120.  If I hadn’t been in the hospital... who knows what would have happen, but I was.  They did some tests and got me on a heart pill, that I take every day.  That was God’s perfect timing. (Anyway my leg was fixed with a plate, and screws). I was in the hospital for 2wks., then I came home. An even though I live by myself, I felt like I was never alone.  I had all my friends, and most of all I had God.  Living in a small town you know just about everyone. So when you are in need, they come to your rescue. My town consists of a store, a post office, a thrift store, a bar, a hamburger stand which was the very first Del Taco.

I was volunteering at our neighborhood thrift store at the time I broke my leg.  So instead of being stuck at home, my boss would come and pick me up in his truck, and open up the store me.  Which gave me something to do, and made the time go by fast.  Working here, I got meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. I had lots of people care about me from the other stores too, so If I needed something from our little store, I just had to call the owner, (who I also work for at one time) she would bring me anything I needed, and let me charge it and I would pay for it when I cash my check on the 1st.                                     Or                                               If I wanted a hamburger, soda, n fries?  All I had to do was call the Burger Den.  He would bring it right to me.                                      Or                 If I needed anything my friends were there.


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