"Guilty by Association"

“Guilty by Association”

As a child if we hung out with the wrong people, and they got into trouble, people thought we were guilty too.

(This message is not my normal message.)

The title, and the words come from lyrics from a song called: Guilty by the Newsboys.

Once you hear the words you will understand why I choose this for my message. It’s very powerful!

“Guilty” - When did it become breaking a rule to say your name out loud in school. When your names the only one that set us free.

When did it become incorrect to speak the truth about life and death, when your life gave us all eternity..

Even if it gets me convicted, I’ll be on my knees with my hands lifted.

If serving you’s against the law of man, If living out my faith in you is banned.

Then I’ll stand right before the jury. If saying I believe is out line, if I’m judged cause I’m gonna give my life to show the world the love that fills me.

Then I want to be Guilty, I’ll rise up and honor you. Testify to all the good you do.

Then I want to be Guilty by Association, Guilty of being a voice proclaiming Your ways, Your truth, and Your Life.

I’ll pay the price to be your light, oh....I want to be Guilty.

Powerful lyrics. Would you stand up for Jesus in court? I sure would.
And yes.....


What about you? Could you stand in front of a jury and say what Jesus has done for you?

Isn’t that why Christians are being killed, because they are confusing their love for God.

It’s hard to say what you will do when you are face with death. WE ARE STRONG CHRISTIANS.

So I leave you with this thought.... Jesus died for us, shouldn’t we stand up for Him.



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